Well it has been a few months and I have missed blogging so here I am to do it once more. So I don’t make any promises its going to be all the time but starting out slowly. 




Bag: Reign – Slouchy Pack – Hearts
Drool: Arise – Lip Drool (@ Romp)
Eyes: Song – Sugar – Peach Eye
Eye Shadow: Plastik – Foxxe makeups/ Candy
Face Tag : Arise – Face Tags/ Queen
Glasses: Random Matter – Simon Glasses – Onyx
Hair: Burley – Glitch
Hips: Chary – Horizontal Body Horns (No Longer Available)
Necklace: Altair – Kitty Collar
Tears: Altair – Loony’s Delicious Tears
Wrist: Muka – Claire

Panties: Erratic – Cameron Jersey Briefs
Socks: Reign – Ballet Warmers
Top: Alterego – Half Top – Queentoyou





Book: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Silver Rare (@ The Arcade)
Collar: Red Mint -Posture Collar
Eyes: Dead Apples – Sinistre Darkness
Eyeshadow: Plastik – Foxxe Eyeshadow
Gloves: Remarkable Oblivion – The Illusionst – Mancers Orb (@ The Arcade)
Hair: Taketomi – Athena
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Magician Hats (rare)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora
Staff: Remarkable Oblivion – The Illusionst – Mancers Staff (@ The Arcade)


Corset: Insanya – Underbust Corset
Harness: Spellbound – Cult Harness
Panties: Foxes – Intimates – Bra & Panties
Pasties: Pixicat – Temptation – Dark (rare)
Shoes: Hollyweird – Siouxsie Platforms
Skirt: Happy Undead – Mini Skirt
Stockings: Avanti – Mephista Stockings


Hello my lovelies So Kinky Monthly has officially opened so if you haven’t been there yet I suggest you go check it out.



Armband – DirtyStories – Emo Armband Black Rare
Eyes: Dead Apples – Sinistre – Cloudy Blue
Eyeshadow: Plastik – Foxxe Eyeshadow
Hair: Liquence – F7
Nails: Call Girl – Long Square Nails (@ Kinky Monthly)
Necklace: Muka – Collar Love
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora


Outfit: Yumz – Fuckable (@ Kinky Monthly)
Shoes: Renegade – Taylor
Stockings: FnH – XHigh Net Stockings Bare Net

In My Element

Hello my lovelies, Hope you are all well this day. There is a new event around the corner opening up called Kinky Monthly, each round starts on the 25th each month.                                                                                                    


Armband – DirtyStories – Emo Armband Black Rare
Hair: Moon & Vale Koer Hair- Element (@ 21)
Lipstick: Arise – Maya Lipstick (@ Suicide Dolls)
Necklace: Le Morte – Lock3d Faith (@ Kinky Monthly)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora
Tattoo: Datum – Omen Black (@ Kinky Monthly)

Outfit: Lolita – Dominatrix Outfit (@ Kinky Monthly)
Shoes: Moyet – Platform


Hello my lovelies if you haven’t figured it out by now that the Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened their doors once again.



Hair: LeLutka – Alice
Horns: Plastik – Rvah Gatcha// Jeweled Horns Epic (@ The Fantasy Gacha)
Jewel: Pekka – Somillia Head Jewel – Onyx – Ultra Rare (Old Gatcha)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Tau puppis
Wings: Europa – Archon Wings


Bra: Aisling – Arius Queen – Collar/Bra [Crimson] (@ The Fantasy Gacha)
Skirt: Aisling – Arius Queen- Skirt [Crimson] (@ The Fantasy Gacha)

Some Type of Love

Hey Everyone, So sorry about that break between my posts but there were was ALOT going on that prevented me from being able to post. So I am really sorry for those that may have missed me, But I am slowly coming back to post. So lets get to it with THE ARCADE has opened their doors for those that have been living under a rock. Lots of pretty goodies and yummy treats for all of us. One item I just love of course is the Spellbound hair Melody, Make sure you check that one out when you get the chance.



Eyes: Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes
Eye Brows: Bossie – Alice Eyebrows
Hair: Spellbound – Melody (@ The Arcade)
Nose: Punch – Cross Septum
Skin: Pink Fuel – Crystal
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Enif Sleeve

Pants: CandyDoll – Keisha Jeans
Shoes: CandyDoll – Tricky Heels
Top: Cynful – P.A.C Top